Monday, September 24, 2012

Getting Ready for Christmas!

Great Stocking Stuffers!

I started getting ready for Christmas this weekend.  I'm going to be doing a Vendor/Fall Bazaar in November and I need to come up with some items to make in small but mass quantities.  Since it will be just before the Christmas shopping season starts, I thought, how about some stocking stuffers??  

So my first creation was a little chapstick holder card. Small enough for a stocking stuffer but so cute!  And when I showed them to a few people, they said "can you make me 20 of them?" I am taking orders for Christmas.  In the 3 days it's been since I decided to make and sell them, I have 5 orders!  

So check out my cute little chapstick holder cards

Want some of these stocking stuffers?  

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