Thursday, June 14, 2012

Don't Miss Out!

With the new Autumn/Winter Idea Book starting August 1st, you only have until the end of July to get some of those wonderful papers and stamps that you have been wanting to buy.  

Paper Packs

As a reminder, here are a few things you can make with the paper packs that will not be carried over and will not be available after July 31st.

Order here or contact me here

Lucy Paper Pack Projects

Footloose Paper Pack Projects

Superhero Paper Pack Projects

Crusin' Paper Pack Projects

Stamp Sets

Here is a list of some of the stamps sets that are in the current Idea Book as well as the previous Autumn/Winter 2011 book.  Since they are in two Idea Books, the chances of them being discontinued is great.  Unless Close To My Heart decides to feature any of these stamps sets in the upcoming Idea Book that starts August 1st, these will be unavailable after July 31st.  

June is Stampaganza month, "Buy 2, Get 1 FREE" 
so now is the time to stock up on stamps!
Order here or contact me here

Check out this list of stamps taken from the Autumn/Winter 2011 Idea Book and see if any of these great stamp sets are on your "Wish List".   
This list has the stamp set product number, stamp name, and page number for your reference:

C1466 Instant Memories 23 
C1463 Harvest Happiness 35 
C1465 Unscripted 36 
C1467 Sweet Moments 41 
D1490 Backdrop - Charmed 47 
C1462 All Hallows Eve 48 
D1494 Christmas Cheer 53 
B1390 Countdown 54 
D1480 Snowflakes 59 
C1468 Winter Joy 60 
C1419 Harvest Home 65 
C1426 Thanksgiving 65 
B1395 So Grateful 66 
C1423 Captured Moments 67 
B1359 Fright Night 68 
D1437 Party Animal 69 
C1424 Nature's Gift 71 
C1420 Snow Days 72 
C1472 Bundled Buddies 73 
D1384 Snow Flurries 74 
D1308 All Decked Out 75 
B1381 Holiday Cheer 76 
D1446 Adorn-able 77 
A1107 A Twinkle 78 
B1361 Tannenbaum 78 
D1493 Fill in the Blank - Holiday 79 
C1427 I Believe 80 
D1449 Father Christmas 81 
B1356 St. Nick 82 
D1483 Glory to God 83 
A1099 Angel Sent 84 
B1394 John 3:16 84 
D1436 The Present 87 
D1306 Treasure Life 89 
C1429 Party Pennants 91 
A1095 Always Remember 92 
B1362 Tag the Occasion 92 
C1471 Happy Clusters 93 
B1393 Joyful Jar 94 
C1425 Month by Month 95 
C1470 Gnome Garden 96 
B1396 School Rocks 96 
C1408 Live Inspired 98 
D1373 Childhood Portrait 99 
D1492 Christmas Love 101 
C1469 December 25th 102 
D1388 Card Chatter - Christmas 103 
D1440 Everlasting Life 104 
C1379 Holiday Commentary 105 
D1383 Holiday Commentary - French 105 
C1382 Holiday Commentary - Spanish 105 
D1283 Say it in Style 106 
D1401 Authentic 108 
D1387 Made With Love 109 
D1499 Live Your Style 110 
D1136 Save the Date 111 
D1397 Save the Date - French 111 
D1398 Save the Date - Spanish 111 
E1006 Baroque Alphabet 113 
E1016 Friendship Alphabet Large 114 
C1401 Friendship Alphabet Small 114 
D1136 Giggle Caps 115 
D1137 Giggle Lowercase 115 
E1011 Headline Alphabet Large 115 
E1002 Rustic Alphabet 117 
D1267 Rustic Numbers 117

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