Thursday, August 9, 2012

I just love the way my cards and scrapbook pages look with stitching.  It really does something for the project, makes it stand out.  But I don't like sewing!  I hate getting my needles out and taking on that time consuming task of stitching around my layout or even a small card.  So when I saw this "Faux" stitching on someone's project, I jumped at trying it!  I wish I could remember where I saw it but here is a card I made using this "Faux" stitching technique.

Below you can see a close up of this technique.  All you do is emboss a line around your item, your page or your card, then sand the raised ridge.  Then all you do is pierce evenly around the raised, sanded line.  It looks just like you stitched it!!  Try it!  It gives the same look at a fraction of the time. 


  1. Love this card! Is it OK to lift? :)

  2. Absolutely Paula. I love when people "lift" my stuff. :-)